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How do I leave a 5-star review for Mananalu on Amazon?

We love 5-star reviews because it helps others find us… and more importantly, helps us fight off big plastic. In the “Your Orders” section just click on the “Write a Product Review” button next to your most recent order of Mananalu.

How do I start a subscription of Mananalu?

To start a monthly subscription, head to our Amazon page. Select your desired product(s) and hit the Subscribe and Save button to save 10% off each product. Choose your desired delivery frequency and then hit the “Set up now” button.

How do I change the products on my Amazon subscription?

In your Amazon account, click “Manage Subscribe & Save” and then make your desired changes.

How do I cancel my Amazon order?

In your Amazon account, click “Your Orders” and then make click cancel on the order.

What is your shipping policy?

All shipping of our products happens with Amazon, so we rely on the experts at Amazon to fulfill orders. Shipping times and carriers will depend on your location and if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber. For more details please visit Amazon and “You

What is your return policy?

We do not accept any returns. Any product sent back to us will not be refunded. However, if the product you received is incorrect, damaged, or you have any quality concerns, please contact Amazon customer service with details of the issue so they can

My product arrived damaged, what do I do?

We’re sorry about that. In the occurrence of a damaged product, please contact Amazon customer service so they can help make things right! Please include a photo of the damaged product for verification.