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Where is the water from?

Despite our Hawaiian name and founder, our water is not bottled in Hawaii because we chose to put sustainability first. By sourcing within the USA - in places like Montana, California, and Virginia  - we try to bring it closer to you and minimize our

What is the bottle made of?

Our bottles are made with 100% aluminum, with 73% of that aluminum being recycled product. There is also a very thin polymer coating on the inside of the can. We do this to ensure the water is fresh and doesn't interact with the aluminum. Mananalu us

What is the bottle cap made of?

Our caps are aluminum which contains a BPA-Free liner. It is an epoxy-based coating that uses zero BPA in its formulation. In addition, the coating has no styrene and complies with Prop 65 NSRL. The coating (liner) constitutes a very small percentage

What’s the shelf life of Mananalu water?

The shelf life of our product is 2 years. Because the product is purified water, it technically never expires so we use 2 years as the “best by” date.

Is the bottle reusable and washable?

Yep! We wouldn’t be very sustainable if we replaced one single-use product for another, would we? Go ahead and reuse that bottle. We just recommend that you clean it by hand and not use a dishwasher. Rethink, Reuse, Recycle!

Can I leave Mananalu bottles in the freezer or outside in low temperature conditions?

Please refrain from leaving Mananalu bottles in below freezing temperatures. As with most beverages that come in aluminum bottles/cans, the bottles may leak or burst if frozen.

How do you ensure shipping quality when it’s hot outside?

Our product is stored in temperature controlled facilities to ensure the best possible quality. For the shipping, we rely on Amazon and their network of partners to ensure that the product is not exposed to the elements and delivers to you fast and e