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The Basics

Where can I find Mananalu?

Check out our store locator or shop now on Amazon

Can I buy wholesale?

Yes! Shop all our products on our wholesale page.

Is this a sustainable brand?

Mananalu is the most sustainable brand on the market. We remove plastic from the ocean, offset our carbon emissions, and use infinitely recyclable aluminum. Read more here.

What’s in the flavored water?

Pure deliciousness… purified water (with electrolytes for taste) and natural flavoring essence. Zero sugar, calories, or bubbles.

When will you be available outside the US?

We LOVE our global community but are hyper-focused on crushing plastic here in the US. We will keep you updated as we grow!

How can I get my favorite store, hotel, or yoga studio to sell Mananalu?

We would love to get Mananalu in all your favorite locations. Email the name of the business to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch. You can also request Mananalu by talking to the owner or store manager! Retail locations are far more likely to o